If you are a lady with small breasts, you might probably have tried to look for a product that can help to enhance your boobs to no avail. In many cases, products advertised in the media rarely deliver results. However, there is one particular breast enhancement product that you should try before giving up; Triactol. This post is a comprehensive review of Triactol to establish how it works and help you make the decision about using it.

What exactly is Triactol?

Triactol is a serum prepared medically to help ladies enlarge their breasts in a natural way. The serum is made from naturally derived ingredients to ensure that it is absorbed faster into the body and does not bring about side effects. The primary goal is ensuring that users can enjoy faster growth of their breasts the same way it happened during puberty.

triactol review

How does Triactol work?

Triactol is applied to the breasts by rubbing a small amount twice every day. The results will be better if you use the gel in the morning and evening after a shower. By rubbing the gel on the breasts, it is taken by the cells and tissues to stimulate their growth. The fat tissues expand rapidly and multiply progressively to give your breasts a fuller and smoother outlook.

Studies done on Triactol have demonstrated that correct use of Triactol helps to increase the bust size, the angle, and even length of the bust. The gel ingredients will also help to increase the under-bust circumference. Users can expect to grow their breasts with up to 7 times in six weeks. This makes Triactol faster than most other gels on the market today.

The main ingredients used in Triactol

To understand why Triactol is so effective, it is important to take a closer look at the main ingredients. The manufacturer indicates that Triactol is made of purely natural ingredients. The principle ingredients include the following;


This ingredient is extracted from a powerful plant referred to as Pueraria Mirifica that is native to tropical Thailand forests. The plant has huge medicinal value and it was used in traditional medicine. But it was abandoned with rapid industrialization and use of artificial alternatives.

Pueraria is the main ingredient in Triactol because of its high concentration of phytoestrogens. It also supplies estrogens that help to promote faster growth of the breasts. Note that unlike the estrogen generated during pregnancy, Triactol only helps to increase the cells and tissues without generating milk.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the main ingredients in the Triactol cream. It helps to promote suppleness of the breasts through moisture retention. It also helps to promote elasticity and clears all the stretch marks so that the enlarged breasts will look more attractive.

Pros of using Triactol

Triactol is preferred by most ladies because it acts faster and results are evident in weeks. Here are the main pros of using this gel.

  • The gel is relatively cheaper compared to other breast enhancement procedures such as surgery.
  • The results achieved through the use of Triactol are permanent. By growing the size of the breast cells, it means that you will still continue enjoying the fullness of the breasts even after stopping the process.
  • Triactol is safe for both the body and skin. Because the ingredients are natural, users are sure of enjoying fast breast enhancement without worrying of getting side effects.
  • The product is very easy to use and get results. You only need to put a few drops of Triactol and rub it regularly on the breasts to enjoy fast growth and firmness.
  • The growth you get from using Triactol is permanent. Because the gel helps to promote the growth of the breast cells, the firmness and fullness will still remain even after you stop using the product.
  • Unlike other products used to enhance breasts growth, Triactol has been tested clinically and proven to help ladies grow their boobs in record 60 days.

Cons of using Triactol

The biggest con of Triactol is that people with extra sensitivity of their skin, pregnant moms and those on medication should not use it without medical prescription. The time required to start getting results is about four to six weeks. This is considered longer than other methods such as surgery where results are achieved in hours or days.

What ladies who have used Triactol have to say

Purity …. “My journey to increasing my breasts and firming them was illustrious, expensive, and risky until I discovered Triactol. The gel is very easy to use and I started getting results in only 4 weeks.”
Hannah…. “When I first used Triactol, I was still skeptical about the results to anticipate because of the many products that had disappointed me in the past. Now, I have all the reasons to smile because Triactol has helped my boobs to grow and look firm just like a teenager.”
Careen …. “If you are looking for a breast enhancement product that works, Triactol is one great gel that will never disappoint. I used the product and my boobs are at their best size and firmness.”
Doris …. “Making your boobs to grow should no longer be a big problem or a trial and error sort of thing. I bumped into Triactol by accident t and the results have been magical.”
If you have decided to try this product, you can buy it from online stores such as Amazon starting from $49.9. This means that it is among the cheapest options out there to help you get full breasts out there.

Is Triactol Safe?

Triactol is very safe. The ingredients are all pure, natural, safe and tested. As suggested by clinical trials, it is 100% safe to use regularly.

The final take

If you have been looking for a comprehensive solution to increase the size of the boobs, Triactol has won a special place in most ladies for its efficiency in growing boobs. Because the product is made of all natural ingredients, users are sure of faster absorption by the skin and prompt growth. A closer look at the feedback from ladies who have used Triactol reveals they are contented and commit to continue using the product. No matter your age, this is one product you should try to get the big, firm, and sexy breasts you always dreamt of.