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When models such as J Lo and the Kardashians make appearances in films, programs or interviews, the most outstanding thing is their perfectly blend butts. You cannot but wonder whether a miracle can happen and you get such a butt. But the secret is now out! You only need the right butt enhancement product.

While most stars are fast to showcase videos doing squats and deadlifting, many people have become very busy as the time for the gym keeps shrinking every month. It is not time to give up because IsoSensuals Curve has come to their rescue. The enhancement helps you to make the butt growth easy, direct, and super fast. Here is the complete review of IsoSensuals Curve to establish whether it is indeed the best cream for a bigger butt.

What exactly is IsoSensuals Curve?

IsoSensuals Curve is one of the sexual wellness and body treatment product categories from a United States based company; IsoSensuals Curve. IsoSensuals Curve is created and tested to help users enlarge, firm and lift their buttocks. It works by stimulating the buttocks’ fat cells to help increase their size and generate new ones. The company indicates that the cream helps to increase the butt with about 18%.

isosensuals curve

The IsoSensuals Curve is sold as a cream and pills. You can either opt to use the pill or cream. However, combining the two for a period of about six months is recommended for better results.
Customer feedbacks indicate that some ladies start seeing the results within the first 30 days (one month). Note that the results timeframe might differ in various individuals depending on their bodies and diet among other factors. Note that the results you get are permanent and will not fade off once you stop using the product.

The ingredients used in the IsoSensuals Curve

As indicated earlier, the IsoSensuals Curve is available in two main products; the cream and pill. Therefore, it is prudent to follow the ingredients in each of the products.

The IsoSensuals Curve cream

The primary ingredient used to make IsoSensuals Curve cream is the voluplus. This is an enhancement component extracted from Macelignan and combined with macadamia oil to enhance solubility. The ingredient operates by promoting faster propagation of buttock cells and promoting their capacity to store extra fat. The impact is bigger and finer buttock.

IsoSensuals Curve supplement

The formulation of the IsoSensuals Curve supplement comprises of many ingredients to enhance its efficiency. In particular, the supplement is made from 11 different ingredients targeted at helping to increase the size and fineness of the buttocks.

  • Maca: This is one of the plants known for its rich quantities of amino acids, fatty acids, and minerals. To facilitate faster growth of your butt, the plant contains important alkaloids that help with balancing hormones and further butt growth.
  • Puerairia Mirifica: This ingredient is also considered very important because of its high quantity of estrogen. By supplying high quantities of phytoestrogen, the body responds by boosting development of curves and enhancing more fat storage.
  • Saw Palmetto Berries: These berries help the body to inhibit Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production. When the male hormones are suppressed in a lady’s body, the immediate impact is the development of feminine curves.
  • Soy Isoflavones: This ingredient is included in the formula to help add curves to your buttocks, thighs, and hips. This is achieved through the supply of high protein content.
  • Dong Quai: This is a plant that has its history back in the Chinese traditional medicine where it was used in boosting body’s immune system. In butt enhancement, it provides oestrogen to help with balancing body hormones.
  • Wild Yam: This herb helps in stimulating natural oestrogen production for balancing the body hormones.
  • L-Tyrosene: Though L-Tyrosene does not directly act to help increase the size of your butt, it facilitates proper functioning of the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands. This means that all the hormones intended to facilitate butt growth will also be available in adequate quantities.
  • Other ingredients included in the IsoSensuals Curve supplement include Aguaje, Vitex, Fenugreek, and false unicorn.

The main cons of using IsoSensuals Curve

Many people who have used IsoSensuals Curve come back with positive reports about their experience. Here are some of the benefits they outline;

  • Because IsoSensuals Curve is available in two forms, the supplement, and cream, users are able to optimize the process of enlarging their buttocks by combining the two.
  • Since the ingredients used in the IsoSensuals Curve supplement and cream are herbal, they easily work in the human body to provide the expected results. No side effects are associated with the use of the product.
  • The ingredient referred as Voluplus used in the IsoSensuals Curve cream has been demonstrated to help increase the butt size by about 18%. This implies that users can easily predict the results to anticipate.
  • When you use IsoSensuals Curve supplement, cream or both, the results are permanent. This implies you do not have to worry about stopping to use them once the targeted butt size is reached.
  • The greatest magic for this product is that only the butt size increases. This implies that you can use IsoSensuals Curve without worrying of significant weight gain.

Disadvantages and side effects of using IsoSensuals Curve

A closer look at most butt increasing supplements reveals that they also promote weight gain in other areas of the body. This is what distinguishes IsoSensuals Curve from them. You only increase the size and appearance of the butt but not the entire body. Besides, no side effect has been associated with the enhancement product.

The biggest setback for using IsoSensuals Curve is that it will take about six months to get full results. However, changes will be evident starting from the first four weeks. Despite this, many users have indicated that the patience is worth because results are guaranteed.

What do past users have to say about IsoSensuals Curve

A closer look at the feedbacks from IsoSensuals Curve reveals that they were satisfied with the results they got. Here is a sample of some of the customer reviews and feedbacks.

Feedback #1: When I started using this product, I was very skeptical because previous products had borne no results. I gave it the benefit of doubt. Three months after starting the program, I had started seeing results. I am now enjoying my perfect butt.

When I started using IsoSensuals Curve, my first impression was to give up because no results were forthcoming by the end of the second week. However, I started noticing some small increases by the end of the first month.

IsoSensuals CURVE Before and After – Does it work?

isosensuals cream before after

Who should use/ not use IsoSensuals Curve

IsoSensuals Curve was designed to help women of all stages to enhance their butts and get the perfect full figure they desire. From younger ladies after adolescence to older women, all you need is to follow the instructions on the packet.

However, children and pregnant women should avoid using IsoSensuals Curve because it alters the body hormones. It is also advisable to seek the assistance of a medical expert before using IsoSensuals Curve if you are on prescription drugs or have a skin condition.

How to use IsoSensuals Curve for the best results

To get the butt enhancement you are looking for, squeeze some cream on the hands and massage it on the buttocks for about one to two minutes. To get better, it is advisable to apply the cream twice every day; in the morning and evening after a shower.

If you opt for the IsoSensuals Curve supplements or together with the cream, you should only take one pill per day. It is recommended that you take the pill when taking meals. This will promote faster uptake as food is digested.

To get better results from IsoSensuals Curve, users should also do some exercises. Note that this does not necessarily mean engaging in intensive exercises through long hours in the gym. Standard exercises such as walking, taking the stairs, or ordinary chores should be enough to supplement the IsoSensuals Curve.

If you decide to use IsoSensuals Curve, you can buy it from top online stores such as Amazon or the manufacturer’s website. The price range at Amazon and the manufacturer’s website is between $39 and $50.

The final take

Getting the ultimate butt that will help you match the top models should not be a tall order. IsoSensuals Curve is created and tested to help women take control over their body shape without exposing them to risks. With every user coming back with a great report about IsoSensuals Curve, you can also enhance your buttocks to get the ultimate body shape you always wished for.