Humanity seems not to be anywhere near losing the infatuation with bigger and firmer butts. In certain cultures, women are encouraged to work on getting bigger butts. In fact, in some of these cultures, a woman with smaller butts is never considered ripe for marriage. A man is prouder when he marries a woman with bigger butts. While many women are born with bigger butts, some of them have no genetics on which to rely. To such women, the only option remaining is to work hard and find ways of making their butts bigger. Men are also concerned about this issue, but not at the same level with women.

how to get a bigger butt

Many women have always considered bigger butts a huge liability. However, thanks to various celebrities, women around the world are now realizing that bigger butts are sexier. A woman who wants to appear more feminine than her colleagues now has to consider the best ways through which to make her butts that much bigger. Moreover, the infatuation with bigger butts is because most men consider it a major turn-on. Although any man would be sad to see his woman walking off, he shall not mind watching her leave, especially if the view from her backside is pleasurable.

Women with bigger butts have better curves. It is a known fact that almost all women love curves. Therefore, the best way through which any woman can have better curves is by working on her butts to make them bigger. A woman with better curves is always very self-confident. She can walk around holding her head up high. She has the confidence to wear any type of cloth because she knows that it shall cover her body nicely. A woman with smaller butts does not have the same privileges. She has to choose her clothes very carefully. She cannot wear any cloth, regardless of how much she finds it pleasing to her eyes.

The benefits of having bigger butts transcend the beauty aspects. Women with bigger butts also enjoy health benefits. Scientists have proven that the best kind of fat is the one found on the lower part of the body. Women with bigger butts are less prone to ailments such as diabetes, heart diseases and other fat-related health conditions. This is because of the low levels of cholesterol that such people have. Bigger butts provide people with a much higher number of hormones that help with the metabolism of sugar. People with larger butts have extra omega-3 acids, whose ability to catalyze the growth of the brain is unquestionable.

In summary, the fact that larger butts are beautiful is unquestionable. Bigger butts help protect the heart against certain diseases or conditions. Bigger butts hold clothes, such as a pair of jeans, firmly on the body. Children born of mothers with bigger butts usually boast of much higher IQs. Bigger butts protect the bearer against diabetes. Bigger butts provide women with a better cushion on which to sit. Some dance styles are probably easier to pull through with bigger rather than smaller butts. Men are more likely to pay more attention to a woman with bigger butts.