Women worry about the size of their breasts all the time. In fact, if they had their way, most women would probably choose to have large but very firm breasts. Women with large and firm breasts do not struggle with self-confidence. Their colleagues who are endowed with much smaller breasts are a worried lot and some struggle with self-confidence. Women struggle with small breasts because of many factors. Genetic disorder is the most common factor for small breasts. Common ways through which women increase breast size naturally include:

how to increase breast size naturally


It is important to state that not all types of exercises are good for breast enlargement. Therefore, choosing the appropriate types of exercises would be great. Women who desire to enjoy firmer and bigger breasts must choose the types of exercises they do very carefully. For example, doing a few chest presses would be an excellent way of increasing the breast size naturally. Some side swerves would also produce stunning results. Other types of exercises that would help women increase breast sizes naturally include push ups, pectoral and incline fly among many more. Exercises make breasts larger, firmer, shapelier, and perkier.


The beauty of using massage as a natural method of breast enhancement is that there is no need for going to a massage parlor or receiving the massage through a masseur. Each woman should learn how to massage her own breasts, especially if they are smaller and she needs them enlarged. Massage is effective because it promotes proper flow of blood within the breasts. Breasts that enjoy increased blood flow, also boast of a high amount of estrogen. Massaging the breast also helps with proper production of milk, which then makes the breasts larger by stimulating prolactin.

Diet and Foods

Some types of foods are the best when it comes to breast enlargement. Paying close attention to the daily diet gives every woman a higher chance of developing bigger breasts. Eating the right types of foods without doing anything else would not do much. The right diet has to be mixed with proper and regular exercises, massage and other actions to make the breasts larger. The right foods and diets help keep the body in good health. Women with smaller breasts need to add foods rich in plant-based estrogen (phystoestrogen) to their daily diets. Such foods include Sesame seeds, soymilk, soybeans, flaxseeds and more. Vitamins play a crucial role as well.


Identifying the best natural creams would help any woman develop larger breasts. The options are too many, thus calling for more research to identify the safest and most effective creams. Always check or ascertain that the cream chosen and used for this purpose has natural ingredients. Avoid creams with too many chemicals, which can have an adverse effect on the breasts.


Certain types of herbs are known for their effectiveness in helping grow breasts. Some of the most effective herbs in this regard include fennel, fenugreek and blessed thistle.

natural breast enlargement

Therefore, women who have always desired to develop larger, firmer, shapelier, and perkier breasts naturally should not be troubled any more. With the right combination of diets and foods, exercises, massage, creams, and herbs, achieving this goal would be much easier. However, a high degree of patience is needed to help the breasts grow larger than they have ever been regardless of the natural methods chosen to help with this goal.