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Every lady wants to look perfect when she steps out. The definition of the ‘perfectness,’ according to most women is a curvaceous body. This means a small waist, bigger hips, and big booty. However, few ladies grow to fit the outlined definition of a perfect body. It is not time to give up because there are body enhancements products you can use. One such product that has thrown the society into frenzy is Gluteboost.

With many celebrities coming out to endorse Gluteboost, a lot of people have been wondering whether it is worth the hype. This review takes a comprehensive analysis of this curves enhancing the product to establish whether it is the ideal option to use to get the ultimate butt.

What exactly is Gluteboost?

Gluteboost is a range of creams and pills created by Advanced Supplement Technologies, LLC. Most people go for Gluteboost to get a bigger butt or a heart-shaped appearance. It works by stimulating the fat cells and promoting a faster generation of additional fat cells in the areas of application. The final result is a lager and plummer booty. Note that the results are achieved without having to alter your diet.

gluteboost review

In addition to helping you grow backside cells, the Gluteboost is also very good for the skin. It provides moisturizers to the skin that help to cut off the appearance of stretch marks, firm the skin, and enhances its elasticity. The manufacturer indicates that the results from Gluteboost are permanent.

The Gluteboost ingredients

Gluteboost is available in two main products; the Gluteboost enhancement pill and Gluteboost enhancement cream. Advanced Supplement Technologies, LLC points it blends 12 ingredients that work together to deliver a curvier and bigger booty.

The Gluteboost enhancement pill ingredients

  • Dong Quai: This is one of the top Asian medicinal herbs known for helping improve women sexual health. The herb contains hormones that stimulate butt cells enlargement in ladies. It is also used in helping the body muscles relaxation and menstrual cycle regulation.
  • Fenugreek: This ingredient is extracted from garam masala that was used as a beauty ingredient in Ancient India. It helps to supply the body with phytoestrogen that helps to boost fat storage in the body.
  • Maca: Maca root has been demonstrated to have a very high supply of minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. However, it is the abundance of alkaloids that promotes faster butt growth through hormonal balance.
  • Soy extract: This ingredient supplies the body with phytoestrogen referred to as isoflavones. The extract helps to facilitate the better balance of hormones and faster growth of body cells.
  • Wild yam: The ingredient helps to add estrogen and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) to the Gluteboost. In history, it was used for medicinal purposes and as source of food.
  • Rose hips: Like soy extract, the rose hips are high in Vitamin C and is used as an enzyme to promote faster fat cells generation.
  • The Dandelion root: Like the name suggests, this root is applied as a diuretic. It was used in traditional herbal medicine to help people shed excess weight.
  • L-Tyrosine: This is perhaps one of the most important ingredients in the Gluteboost cream. It is designed with amino acids that help stimulate synthesis of proteins required to build gluteal muscle. This means that the ingredient is crucial in giving your backside a nice, smooth and attractive appearance.

Other products included in the Gluteboost cream include Watercress, Citrus Peel Extract, and Genistein that act as estrogen receptors to improve the appearance of curves.

The Gluteboost butt enhancement cream

Like the butt enhancement cream, the cream is also made from a combination of natural extracts that help to deliver results faster. The cream has ten main ingredients.

  • Volufiline: This is a patented and perhaps the most active ingredient in this butt cream. The ingredient is extracted from a Chinese herb referred as Zhi Mu. The ingredient helps to stimulate faster buttock cells growth.
  • Voluplus: This is another patented ingredient in Gluteboost cream. The extract employs caffeine and nutmeg derivatives to help stimulate cells below the skin.
  • Carthamus Tincorious: This is an ingredient sourced from Safflower and used in the Gluteboost cream to supply oleic acid. The main purpose of the oil is helping to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Cocoa Nucifera (Coconut oil): This is another ingredient for tightening the skin as the volume keeps growing. It is also known for its mild antiseptic and moisturizing capabilities.
  • Anemarrhewna Ashodeloides root extract: Like the coconut oil, this root extract is used to help with moisturization and removing stretch marks.
  • Other major ingredients in the cream include Macelignan that promotes skin elasticity, Lavandula oil for the supply of estrogen, Macadamia Ternifolia oil for promoting the health of the skin, and Butyrospermum Parkii for tightening the skin.

Who should use/ not use Gluteboost?

Because Gluteboost is developed from natural products, it can be used by all ladies; both young and old. All that you need is the desire to get a new and curvaceous you. From models to housewives, this is one product that has demonstrated the capability to bring the results.

NOTE: If you are pregnant, has estrogen sensitivity, heart or skin condition, it is important to seek medical assistance before starting to use the product.

The main pros of using Gluteboost

  • The ingredients are all natural and, therefore, taken easily by the body to deliver the anticipated results.
  • Gluteboost is designed to help users increase the size of their butts or the areas it is applied. This implies that you do not have to get worried about the problem of gaining weight with continued use.
  • The results achieved after use of Gluteboost are permanent. Therefore, users do not have to get worried they will slide back to the shape they never liked in the beginning.
  • Gluteboost is designed to help users get the results fast without changing their lifestyles. You will not need to start using special diet, taking a leave, or booking more hours in a gym.

The cons of using Gluteboost

The good thing about using Gluteboost is that the body easily takes up the ingredients because they are natural. However, it has two key disadvantages. One, the product requires some time to get results. Though you could start seeing results in about eight weeks, you have to wait until about six months. This means that it takes longer than other methods such as surgery.

Most ingredients used in Gluteboost contain estrogen and phytoestrogen derivatives. If you have estrogen sensitivity, this product might not be for you. Many ladies at risk of developing cancer should consider seeking medical expert assistance before using the problem.

Customer feedback after using the Gluteboost

If you were skeptical about using Gluteboost, take a closer look at those who have used the product. Most of them indicate they were satisfied with results though it involved some significant bit of waiting. Here are some of these feedbacks.

Michelle… “After a long period of searching for a perfect butt enhancement, the only product that delivered the results I wanted was Gluteboost. The application is relatively easy and results started being evident after five weeks.”

Rosaline … “Since I started using Gluteboost, everybody keeps coming about my new figure. This is working for me and my company because I am in the beauty industry.

Ellen…… “I did not like the fact that I had to wait for results to start appearing for the entire month. However, the results came about and they are permanent. I am really loving it.”

GluteBoost Before and After – Does it work?

gluteboost testimonials

Where to buy Gluteboost

If you feel that Gluteboost is the product you have been looking for, there are two ways of acquiring it. You can buy from top online stores such as Amazon and eBay. You can also buy Gluteboost from their website. Like it was pointed at the beginning, you can buy at the Gluteboost enhancement pill for about $44.95 and Gluteboost enhancement create for $48.95. You could also but the two as a kit for $99.95.

The final verdict

The Gluteboost provides a non-surgical method of making one’s derriere bigger and more attractive. By including tested ingredients that have been demonstrated to deliver results, this product has demonstrated to be a reliable option for both young and older women. Do not give up on getting that model outlook you always dreamt of without trying Gluteboost.