The natural ways of breast enlargement are attracting more interest from women. This is because of the high costs associated with surgical procedures. Massage is one of the most natural ways through which to enlarge the size of breasts. Although every woman is beautiful and unique in her own way, many of them are not pleased with the size of their breasts. This is why a large number of the women keep looking for ways through which to grow their breasts. A woman with large and firmer breasts is more likely to be self-confident, attract the attention of an increasing number of men, and feel more like a woman. With massage, all these benefits are achievable.

Massage does not hurt and is painless. Massage releases more blood to flow into the breasts. Blood is very important for breast enlargement predominantly because it contains a healthy dose of estrogen. Women have tried many methods of bust enhancement, but seem to dismiss the role that a proper massage can play. However, any massage technique does not work. The right technique has to be applied for bust enhancement to take effect. With the proper massaging techniques, the bust does not only grow in size, but it also increases in firmness and develops a more appealing shape.

breast enlargement massage

Massage has many benefits. First, the fact that it is cheap makes massage one of the most cost-effective methods of bust enlargement. This is because the woman does not have to go to a professional masseur for a session of bust massage. Any woman can massage her own bust to enlarge it. Massage is one of the few DIY natural bust enhancement procedures that any woman can try. Moreover, with massage, there is no need for worrying about the right time for doing it. Massage can be done any time, at the woman’s discretion. More than that, massage is also very helpful in that it helps check on the health of the breasts.

Use the right tools when massaging the breasts. Some of the supplies that would help produce better massaging results include a bit of almond oil, some cocoa butter and shea butter. Evening primrose should also feature on the list of massaging supplies. Some olive oil would also suffice. Apply the oils mentioned here on the fingers or palms and use them to reduce resistance. Start by rubbing the oil on the breasts. Apply a bit of oil, and do not overdo it. Place the three longest fingers on the nipple and gently push downward. Do not apply too much pressure. While cupping, pushing them back gently, the finish by lifting them.

Twirl the breasts with the two hands, while moving them interchangeably clockwise and anti-clockwise. Wherever and whenever the hands move, the breasts should follow suit. The aforementioned steps should be repeated every day. Massaging the breasts occasionally will never make the busts grow any bigger. Be careful while massaging the breasts. Avoid moving the nipples too much as this can cause a bit of distortion on their shape.