Millions of women around the world go through surgical procedures to enlarge their breasts each year. In the US alone, the number currently stands at around 300,000 women undergoing surgical breast enlargement. However, surgery is not always the best option. It is a well-known fact that women can grow their breasts naturally in several ways. Certain types of exercises are very effective in this regard. Not all exercises produce the desired results when it comes to enlarging breasts. The millions of women who seek surgery to enlarge their breasts is an indication that many women are not very happy with the sizes of their breasts.

breast enhancement exercises


Fewer exercises have the potential of making breasts grow larger than wall-ups. The goal of each exercise is to produce firmer breasts. It is worth mentioning that by their nature, breasts are made up of adipose tissues. The fact that they contain no muscle means that using exercises to make the breasts bigger would perhaps not achieve much without combining these with other strategies such massage, good diet and foods, massage and application of certain types of creams. The aim of the exercises is to make the pectoral muscles, which are just under the breasts, firmer. If the pectoral muscles are in a great shape, the breasts shall follow suit.


It would be impossible to do fly exercises without a pair of dumbbells. For the fly exercises to produce great results, the woman has to get hold of the dumbbells, lie on the bench, and lift them up in the prescribed manner. When doing this exercise, ensure that the arms are stretched out until they are at the same level with the shoulders, and parallel to the floor. This should happen while the woman is lying down on the bench facing up. Afterwards, lift the dumbbells until they are as close to each other as possible. Follow this by lowering the dumbbells back to their original or starting position. Keep the arms straight throughout the exercise.


Push-ups are similar to wall-ups only that the woman does them lying down. Rotation and standard push-ups would do. However, when it comes to breast enlargement exercises, rotation push-ups produce the best results. The fundamentals of the rotation are the same with those of the standard push-ups. Rest the body on the toes and palms, while ensuring that the body is completely straight. While still on the push-ups, consider altering the standard and rotational with some elevated push-ups. The fact that it takes more effort to do the elevated push-ups makes them more effective with regard to breast enhancement.

In summary, exercises are good. However, they are only effective if the right types of exercises are chosen for enlarging breasts. In addition to the push-ups, fly, and wall-ups, consider including some chest dips or chest presses as part of the regular exercises done to help enlarge breasts. Never forget that the exercises do not cause the breasts to enlarge, but it works on the pectoral muscles that are located just under the breasts.