Generally, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence showing that certain types of foods and diets contribute towards breast enlargement positively. Medical research is yet to come to terms with this evidence. However, science has proven that inclusion of food that is rich in estrogen has a positive effect on the estrogen levels within the body, thus helping breasts to grow larger. Before starting to eat all manner of foods in the hope that they shall help the breasts grow larger, it would be beneficial to consider age, body mass or weight, heredity and a few more factors first. These factors could play a role in determining whether the breasts shall increase in size or not.

breast enlargement foods

Many women have opted not to use food as a natural method of growing or enlarging the breasts. They prefer to take birth control pills, which they believe are more effective. It is worth stating that an increase in estrogen levels might be counterproductive. This is because of the interrelation between high estrogen levels and breast cancer. Therefore, be very careful with the types of foods and diets taken to help make breasts larger. Do not forget to do several monthly tests to check whether lumps are developing in the breasts. Early identification would help in treating the lump and eliminating the risk of developing breast cancer.

Some of the best foods for breast enhancement include fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This is because of their effectiveness in controlling the production of testosterone. Chicken is also relatively good because of it ability to boost the production of estrogen. Women should not despise green leafy veggies considering how effective they are in improving breast tissues. Cherries and strawberries are to feature prominently in the diet of a woman who desires to increase the size of her breasts. This is because of the ability of cherries and strawberries to enhance the production of the estrogen.

Green leaves and vegetables are also very effectiveness the prevention of stretch marks, which are common occurrences when breasts start enlarging. The secret to successful breast enhancement using foods is to invest in foods that are rich in estrogens. Such foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, and herbs. Spices are also just as effective. However, restrict the choice of spices to garlic, clovers, and parsleys. Fennel seeds, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds are the best in bust enhancement. Wheat, rice and barley are the best whole grains in bust enhancement due to their high levels of estrogens.

In summary, certain types of fruits, whole grains, herbs, spices, seeds and vegetables are very good in bust enlargement. Restrict the choice of these foods to those with a high amount of estrogen. However, be cautious because an extremely high content of estrogen could be harmful and lead to breast cancer. Invest in fresh foods as much as possible. As with all natural methods of bust enlargement, a bit of patience is needed here. Breasts do not start growing larger immediately. Give them time, and do not change or interfere with the dieting.