An hourglass figure is everything that every girl wants to get when standing in front of a mirror. It is sexy, feminine and an inspiration no girl wants to miss. It is the flawless outlook that you see with top celebrities that brace top magazines or top models who keep winning beauty contests. It is a unique sense of beauty characterized by a perfect balance between butts and bust, flat stomach, and a small waist. But, how can you get that enthralling hourglass figure? Well, it is possible to achieve that dream small waist and get the enthralling hourglass shape using the following tips.

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Five steps to getting and enhancing your hourglass shape

Identify and use the right exercises

In order to get that ‘killer’ hourglass frame with great curves in the right place, it is prudent to not only focus on the waist, but also on the hips and entire body too. By adopting the right exercises, you will be able to flatten the stomach, curve a midline and work the entire core, thighs, and butt. Well, this is not a few hours fix it; you will need the right exercises.

hourglass figure exercises

Utilize strength training to build the curves. Because there are no “waist exercise” that will build on your hourglass, focusing on strength training will emphasize on the right muscles growth and start defining all the curves. Check on exercises that will help to shape the shoulders and back so that you can grow lean muscles where they are wanted.
Some of the best exercises include.

  • Goblet squat: squatting with a dumbbell on both hands and balancing as you go down and come up. It helps to build a balanced line of lean muscles for a perfect balance of the upper and lower part of the body.
  • Pallof Press: Though the Anti-rotational movement can be a challenge, it will help to work out the waist and strengthen ligaments especially on the shoulders. It will particularly help you get a perfect move and posture after achieving the hourglass figure.
  • Hip extension: This training helps to train under utilized glutes on the waist so that they can be burned easily.
  • Lateral squat: Every lady with an hourglass figure insists that this exercise must be a routine. It helps to stretch the groin as well as inner thigh while you work on the trunk, thighs, hips, and trunk.
  • Split Squat: This is a stationary exercise that helps to minimize imbalances so that hips, shoulders and your waist get a perfect balance.

Use the right diet to shape the body

One thing that goes hand in hand with an hourglass figure is weight management. As you train the waist to a smaller size, the last thing that you want is unnecessary fat deposits, especially around the waist. While you cannot control where the body wants to store the fat, the amount of fat buildup is absolutely in your hands.

The secret of weight loss is in the diet you take. First, you must ensure to take fewer calories and burn more to get at the ideal level. To achieve this, you have to cut on sugar, carbs, and saturated fats. Look for foods rich in proteins, essential fats, and a lot of vitamins. These will help to build lean muscles and encourage the body to burn weight to supply all the calories you need. Remember to follow a routine of intensive training to burn fat and keep improving the lovely shape day after day. An excellent way to approach diet is using meal replacement shakes that supply all nutrients, cut on sugar, fat, and block hunger so that you can burn body fat progressively.

Wear waist trainers for more hours every day

waist trainers for hourglass figure

Waist trainers are made using elastic materials to help in gradually train your waist into a smaller size. They are designed with spiral steel boning to compress the waist and keep reducing it until you get the final figure you want. To train the waist to the smallest size and get the hourglass figure, you need to do the following;

  • Select the right waist trainer. You can select waist corsets to wear during fitness exercises to train the waist to the right small size. Another option is selecting corset cinchers to wear all the time as underwear to help train the weight faster. Make sure to look for the right size, proper material, and high compression capacity when purchasing the waist
  • For ladies who are new to waist training, the start can be a little uncomfortable because of the extra compression around the stomach. The best thing is starting to wear the waist trainers for fewer hours (about 4 hours) and then raising it to 6 hours and more as you get used. Remember that nothing comes easy when it comes to getting that envied hourglass figure. Some of the top models with enviable hourglass figures take over 20 hours on their waist trainers more than five days every week.
  • Most waist trainers are designed to deliver better results when used during fitness training. They are constructed with several layers, steel boning coils, and rubber to help with extra compression to train the waist to a smaller size faster. The inner layers of the waist trainers do not simply help to compress the waist, but also assist in burning of fat around the waist and stomach. Make sure to increase the number of hours you take in the fitness training center for faster results.
  • Make the waist trainer a daily must-wear undergarment. If you do not have a lot of time to train in the gym or want to get your hourglass figure progressively, a good method is wearing the waist trainer every day as an undergarment. Some corset cinchers are designed for everyday use and can be worn at home or even going to work. They are thin and come with a fine finish so that no one will realize you are wearing them. Therefore, you can train the waist to a smaller size, smooth the skin, and flatten the stomach progressively.

Because you cannot control where the body will store its fat, you need to have a longer-term plan for maintaining the cherished hourglass figure. You have to make the waist trainers part of your lifestyle. Get the right size waist corset cinchers to use regularly and during fitness training so that the shape you worked so hard to attain is not lost with deposits of adipose fat.

Use proper clothing to enhance the hourglass figure

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As you work out even harder and wear the waist trainers for longer hours, the results start emerging. Your waist shrinks, the curves become more emphatic, the butt and bust take a unique balance, and your tummy becomes super flat. You have a feeling to stay on the mirror for longer and admire the curves. Well, hold on! You have one more step to make the hourglass even more emphatic; using the right clothes. What are the right hourglass clothes that will emphasize the small waist, flat stomach, smooth butt, and “killer” curves?

  • Use cozy tailored pieces: The target for every piece of clothing should be ensuring that natural curves, flow, and shifts are emphasized. The t-shirts and button-down blouses need to be fitting and nipping a little on the waist. You should consider stretchy materials that will demonstrate the flat stomach and every curve.
  • Select trench shaped and short jackets: Think of trench-styles types of coats or belted designs that flow towards the waistline making it the center of attention. Short jackets terminate above the hips or right at the middle of the waist revealing the magnificent curves.
  • Go for a wrap dress or blouse: When you use a wrap dress, the fabric is pushed towards the skinnier part of the waist thereby drawing all the focus on the waist without adding a sense of extra volume on the bust. Though this design might not work well for those with petite figures, taller ladies with bigger bodies will find the dress irresistible.
  • Go for low necklines: Here, you should target emphasizing the gorgeous neckline and use it to direct attention to the waistline. Make sure not to keep the breasts covered fully, but utilize V-neck halters and sweethearts without making them too revealing.
  • Select dresses with softer fabric such as silk blends: Silk material is smooth, thin, and easily drape over the body to reveal the natural curves of your hourglass figure. The dress should be designed with articulate measurements especially for red carpets and catwalks to make the small waist an attraction at every minute.
  • Go for solid colored clothes: Solid colors usually bring out your figure easily. You can also go for patterned designs, contrasting shades, and stripes that show the flow and guide your audience eyes to the bust, butt, and waist.
  • Use skirts with a small flare: A small flare helps to keep the bottom part of the leg in perfect balance with your butt. Besides, this brings a sense of slimmer and longer legs for your hourglass figure.
  • Consider high-rise or mid-rise pants: If you use low-rise pants, the hips will look wider while the legs will appear shorter compromising your hourglass figure. However, high-rise and mid-rise cuts make the legs look elongated and the hourglass figure envious to everybody.

Carefully select the and wear the right accessories

While most accessories will look great on your lovely hourglass body, it is important to avoid overdoing then. They should complement the perfectly fitting dresses, guide focus, and leave everybody wondering about your beauty.

  • Put on the belts on the natural waist: When a belt is worn around your narrow waist, it will become the focal point. The best belts are the slim type because they help emphasize the curves, narrow waist, and the flat stomach.
  • Consider using slimming shoes: If you put on flat heels, the curvy hips will look fat. However, high heels make the legs look elongated and give an impression of a slimmer, curvier, and beautiful you.
  • Use appropriate necklace to draw attention to the neckline: With a bright splash of colors on the neck, your hourglass will be extended to personality to make your beauty look natural. The best necklaces should be short and go down to form a ‘V’ so that they guide the attention to the waist while exploring the curves all the way down.

Your hourglass figure can be further enhanced by using the right breast enhancement and butt enhancement products.